In order to receive the best terms and conditions from WSIB for a new business quote you will need to provide the items indicated on our "new business checklist" below.  This checklist provides the essential information required by program breakdown. request. In addition, if you simply want to make an enquiry regarding our interest in a particular risk or category of racing please contacts us via email at: or by phone at 866.904.9742. 


New Business Checklist

New Business Category:

Race Teams:

(including Professional/Semi/Amateur Series, Show Car Operations, Race Shops) 

  • Acord Application(s) by line of business to be provided 
  • Motorsports Racing Owners & Sponsors Questionnaire (if applicable see attached)
  • Motorsports Off-Track & Storage Questionnaire (if applicable see attached)
  • 4 year hard copy company loss runs including the current year
  • Experience modification worksheet if requesting worker's compensation

Racing Owners & Corporate Sponsors:

  • Acord Application
  • Motorsports Racing Owners & Sponsors Questionnaire (see attached)
  • 4 year hard copy loss runs including the current year.

Facilities & Events:

  • WSIB General Questionnaire
  • Racing Pro Pak Questionnaire
  • 4 year company loss runs, including current year.
  • Schedule and category of events for the season.
  • Copies of relevant contracts regarding liability of others and additional insured requirements.
  • Acord applications if requesting coverage for Excess, Property, Commercial Auto, Crime, Inland Marine etc. 


In addition to the above additional underwriting information may be required after our initial underwriting review. Due to insurance carrier guidelines some risks may not be offered a quote.

Please send your electronic new business submissions to: